About US

We (APPALO) are an augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and software application service provider with profound expertise in advanced React JS, WordPress, Flutter, Django, and computer vision techniques and algorithms. We have worked in web and mobile application development for quite a few years. Our clients want us to get as close to them as possible so that we can fully comprehend their needs by providing efficient and effective solutions using industry-standard tools or our problem-solving algorithms.


Our portfolio consists of several projects in human resource management and artificial intelligence, including face recognition, object recognition, hand detection and tracking, spatial segmentation of images, and so forth. Moreover, our full-stack software solutions are catered to several small scales to large corporations specific to the e-commerce, retail and wholesale, and real estate sectors.

Our geeks aim to provide consultations, solutions, and services to accelerate businesses’ value by bringing tech innovations to them, and we believe in quality and timely delivery of work and sincerity to customers and organizations.